The laminating thing is a drag

I hate having to deal with social security cards whenever I am out, applying for new jobs. Since it’s not smart to keep them in your trifold at all times, obviously I keep mine at home. It’s not that I’m not careful around paper—but when you only have a small card that needs to be taken to more than 2 dealers upon applying for a new job for your whole life, you risk injure each plus every time. I wish they came laminated directly from the local government. Or better yet, I wish they were issued as plastic cards like your driver’s licenses plus other state ID cards. That way I could store it somewhere safe at the family beach house plus never have to worry about it getting disfigured whenever I suddenly need it for crucial purposes. That doesn’t mean I can simply get it laminated myself. I think that some modern print stores offer laminating services for things like these, but I have to be honest plus simply disclose that I don’t think of any print stores in our city. It’s not a repair I’ve ever personally needed in the past. In the outdated days I would pull out a iPhone book plus start calling random numbers, however these days you get your smartphone plus make a quick search for printers. After I found more than three or five stores in our city, I started calling them to get quotes on laminating a government social security card. Thankfully I found a print store five hours from our beach house that even offers affordable laminating services.



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