Solved all our allergy problems

I have this philosophy about my home and my life.

If the best is the best and the second best is just good enough, I’ll go with the best.

With my HVAC system, the best is a HEPA air filter. I love my family and I constantly want them to have the best. With the HEPA air filter, I think my air quality is consistently going to be clean and healthy. My family is going to have fewer occasions of suffering from dust irritations and asthma. My youngest had consistently had serious dust sensitivity reactions. Once we got the up-to-date HVAC system and installed HEPA air filters, his dust sensitivity symptoms waned. We soon added the air cleaner, and it was like a miracle. I would never again use anything besides HEPA air filters in my HVAC system. Last week, my sister called me and told me she didn’t know what to do. She was in a panic because her newborn was coughing and sneezing and she could not stop it. She said the symptoms are just getting worse and yet the doctor said there wasn’t anything wrong with him. When she had her baby at the doctor’s office, he wasn’t showing any signs of dust sensitivity. I told her that maybe she was using the wrong air filters in her HVAC system. She thought I was crazy. I told her I only use HEPA air filters and my entire family has been feeling better ever since. I got to babysit my two week old nephew while she and her partner went to the city to purchase a portable air cleaner for the home and HEPA air filters for the HVAC system.

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