I’ve got to look for the right air filters.

I thought I had a full box of air filters for my air conditioning unit.

I was sure I had them in the garage, but when I headed out to get them, the box was empty. At first I thought that someone had gone into my garage and stolen the air filters, but that made little sense. I then wondered if maybe I had used the air conditioning air filters in the furnace. I wasn’t sure if they would even fit in the furnace. I knew I had to have used all the air filters, and just never thought about it being the last one. So, I called the HVAC company and asked if they had a case of air filters for both the furnace and the air conditioning unit. I knew I would use the ones for the furnace soon. They told me to go to the local home center since they didn’t have air filters in stock. I got to the home center, but I had forgotten to take the style and air filter number with me. I knew what they looked like, and I was sure I could pick them out when I saw them. I took a box of air filters home and I opened it up. After pulling one out, I knew it wasn’t the right air filter. I tried to make it fit, but to no avail. I ended up taking the air filters back to the home center, but they wouldn’t take them back since I had broken one trying to put it into the AC unit. Next time, I’ve got to find the right air filters, because this venture cost me too much money.

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