I’m unquestionably going to lose my task now

I really messed up at toil this week.

I wasn’t paying attention to the highway plus the traffic signs plus I hit someone with the toil truck.

It had been a long morning plus I wasn’t exactly paying attention. I spent most of the morning laboring on a commercial boiler problem. I was boiling plus tired from being in the boiler room all morning. I didn’t have much supper. I ate a single taco from a little truck next to the venue where I fixed the boiler. It tasted good, but it wasn’t genuinely filling. After I was done with the commercial boiler repair, I immediately went to assist a coworker with a residential A/C repair. When I finally finished my morning, I was tired plus ready to go lake condo plus sit in front of the tv for hours. I was unfortunately delayed, when I hit a pedestrian in the street. I was getting ready to turn right at the street light. I looked left to see if any cars were coming. I proceeded into the highway plus that;s when I saw the pedestrian walking the opposite way. I never looked to the right, because no cars were coming from that direction. It was a silly mistake, however I broke the guy’s leg. They had to call an ambulance on the scene of the accident. The police were involved plus I might even get a criminal violation for hitting the guy. I can only pray that my boss does not fire me. It is truly my third moving violation in the past more than 2 weeks.

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