I wasn’t happy with my previous job

I just changed jobs recently, I had been really working in landscaping and I actually hated it, then my desire was actually to be a certified heating and A/C system specialist.

Being a certified heating and A/C system specialist is something I wanted since I was a teenager but did not have the money to go to HVAC school. But now I do, so I quit our job as a landscaper and went to HVAC school, getting our heating and A/C system certification was easy compared to what I had imagined. It is not like going to official school for a degree. With heating and AC system school you can have your HVAC certification within a matter of 6 months! It helped that I already knew a bunch about heating and A/C system repair, that was helpful in trotting through the whole course. When all was said and done I graduated with honors and ended up getting my own heating and A/C system licence. I was so gleeful about this! The way it just all came together was like fate. I ended up getting a job with a local heating and cooling corporation in our town. They hired me almost right on the spot. I have now been really working for them for about a year and I am really grateful for it. I won’t be quitting this job as far as I can see. I had thought about going into business for myself, but I wasn’t really business savvy. So really working for a heating and A/C system corporation was much more stable for me.

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