I used all my filters so quickly

I was convinced that I had a full box of air filters for our air conditioner unit.

I was sure I had them in the garage, however when I headed out to get them, the box was completely empty. At first I thought that someone had gone into our garage and stolen the air filters, however that made little sense. I then wondered if maybe I had used the air conditioner air filters in the furnace. I wasn’t sure if they would even fit in the furnace. I knew I had to have used all the air filters, but just never thought about it being the last one. So, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and asked if they had a case of air filters for both the furnace and the air conditioner unit. I knew I would use the 1s for the furnace soon. They told me to go to the local house center since they didn’t have air filters in stock. I got to the house center, but I had forgotten to write down the style and air filter number and bring it with me for reference. I knew what they looked like, and I was sure I could pick them out when I saw them. I took a box of air filters home and I opened it up. After pulling one of them out, I knew it wasn’t the right air filter by just looking at how big it was. I tried to make it fit, but unfortunately it was just too big and wouldn’t fit no matter how I rotated it. I ended up taking the air filters back to the house center, however they would not take them back since I had broken one trying to put it into the AC unit. Next time, I’ve got to find the right air filters, because this venture cost me too much money and filters are not the cheapest things out there.


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