Hot Summer makes myself and others want air conditioning

I’d never considered investing in central air conditioning until last summer.

In our local area, the Summer season is usually brief.

Every one of us properly rely on the gas furnace until sometime in March. It takes forever for the outside temperature to even hot up enough to open the windows and let in some fresh air! After the long, sub-zero and snowy winters, I enjoy the cut from paying enormous energy bills. Every one of us often experience wet and cold summers. Even when the weather is tepid and humid, it doesn’t last longer than a couple of weeks. A few box fans and window cooling systems in the home offices are satisfactory. However, last year was entirely different. The temperature climbed into the eighties in early March, and the humidity was brutal. The box fans and window cooling systems couldn’t keep up. Expecting an especially lengthy, tepid and sticky summer, I called to get an quote on central air conditioning. I called 5 unusual Heating and A/C businesss around the local area. They all told myself and others that they were solidly booked for appointments until the end of June. I ended up going ahead with the project. It was a entirely long wait to finally get a central cooling system installed. Every day the weather was severely tepid without even a hint of a breeze. I couldn’t get comfortable or sleep soundly at night. There was constant moisture running down the window panes and complications with mold growth. I took many cool showers per day. It was such a relief when the cooling system was finally installed and operational.