I’ve been around to various places

I’ve rented a lot of peculiar apartments in my day.

I’ve regularly worked all kinds of peculiar tasks as well as I move around a lot.

I guess you could say I’m the style of person who prefers to get around to see places. I have been to a few other countries on some of my holidays too. I have even been in places where they don’t have any air conditioner. I assume that’s something that is difficult for people to believe, but trust me, there are cultures that don’t know in temperature control. Most places have some form of furnaces though, then a lot of people use traditional fireplaces or wood burning stoves. There are a lot of places where there is radiant heating as well which is awesome. Radiant heating is absolutely an efficient way to give the heating that you need. So recently, the lake house I was in was having a hard time with the cooling system. It absolutely reminded myself and others of what it was like when I was in those countries that didn’t know in that sort of thing. I called the property supervisor to take care of the a/c problem, but he never came to my apartment. All I could do was turn on a fan as well as wait it out through the heat. I called the next day as well as the day after that as well as I still didn’t have anybody come out. Eventually I provided up calling as well as finally after about 7 days, an Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier came to repair the a/c machine. I was so thankful to have the a/c back that I almost didn’t mind how inconvenient the delay was with the repair.


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