I remember the time when our mother took out this amazing cooling machine

I remember going to a lake near our lake apartment back in the day, and my mother used to always take me and we would go out on the lake in a raft, but there was this a single day when it was especially warm outside, however i thought maybe it was too sizzling to spend time at the lake, however our mother said it would be a good time. I was stunned when he pulled out this new gadget. I asked his what it was and he said it was a portable cooling device; She said he already charged the battery and it had 2 Heating & Air Conditioning vents that could be pointed in any direction because of the adjustable tubes connected to the Heating & Air Conditioning vents. So we decided to go out on the lake in the inflatable raft and we had that cooling equipment laboring. I didn’t expect it to do much, however that cooling equipment particularly made a world of difference. It must have cooled us down by a wonderful 10 degrees or so because we were not feeling uncomfortable while we were out there. I even was able to brag to our friends later on that I was on the lake with a portable air conditioner machine, then everybody didn’t know me at first until our mother let me show them the portable air conditioner machine and he showed everybody how it worked. She said it wasn’t a toy though and then he had to put it away after everybody tried it out. It was a shame we couldn’t use it outside while I was hanging out with our friends, even though I could understand that it was absolutely an lavish cooling machine.

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