Whatever happened to that man who invented a water fueled car?

Sometimes I like to read about very interesting things like magnetic generators or water fueled cars. You might think something like water fueled cars is something that is impossible, but I’m not so sure. I read about this guy who boasted of inventing the first water fueled car. He drove this car all around and he did demonstrations all over the place adjusting the temperature control settings for comfort and all. He was in the process of trying to patent this amazing invention of his when he was suddenly found dead. It seems that this man was murdered and his invention would have revolutionized the automotive industry. It is strange to me that this story isn’t more well known amongst people, but I have looked into the science behind using water as fuel. It is all fascinating to me how a car potentially could be fixed to run off something called HHO fuel which is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom separated into what becomes a combustible gas. It makes sense if we have hydrogen powered cars. It’s just crazy for me to think of filling up the tank with the garden hose instead of paying a fortune at the gas station. Not to mention the exhaust for this type of fuel would not pollute the air in the least. It would basically just convert back to water. And if this is truly capable of running an engine, you could run just about anything like HVAC systems too! Could you imagine heating your house through the winter using only water to fuel your furnace? I realize it all seems impossible, but I think there is a breakthrough here just waiting to happen. It just seems that people in the oil industry don’t want information like this to get out because the oil industry would be put out of business.
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