Warehouse guys aren’t cleaning ladies

I have a family run furniture business.

I’m fourth generation and am in line now to take over the business.

My mom and dad are starting to let of the reins a little bit and none too soon. I went to business school so I could help our family business compete in a much tougher business landscape. I didn’t go to business school to function as the janitorial service for our furniture company. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing to jump in there and get my hands dirty. That’s for sure and I have more than proved that. However, me using time and energy to be the office cleaning crew was a waste. I had a hard time getting this across to my parents. They had always used the warehouse guys as a sort of cleaning crew. Yet, that took time away from their duties and they hated it. I wanted to really recharge our business. And a big part of that was using time and expertise much more efficiently and smartly. The warehouse guys were doing a poor job of floor maintenance simply because they weren’t a cleaning company. I finally just put an end to it. I interviewed and hired a commercial cleaning company. The do the nightly janitorial service as well as all the floor maintenance which include monthly floor stripping and waxing. Not only is the showroom far more appealing but the staff is happier. And the happier the staff, the more productive they are at what they are good at. It’s really not rocket science.


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