To keep our warranty, we need to have maintenance done

In order to keep our HVAC warranty in place, we have to make sure to have maintenance done at least twice a year.

Whenever we first bought our new HVAC system at the heating and cooling company here in town a couple of years ago, they explained this whole thing to us very clearly.

I remember sitting down with one of the salespeople in the HVAC showroom when we were signing the papers to get our installation and delivery done and he told us very specifically about the HVAC warranty that we were getting. We actually bought this specific high efficiency heating and cooling system that we have now because of the great warranty that we were going to be getting with it. It seemed to be a very small thing to have to do the maintenance twice a year in order to keep the warranty valid. Of course, that was then and this is now. Now, it seems like life is just getting more and more busy and I can barely seem to keep up! I can’t even remember to go get my own maintenance work done at the salon and the chiropractor, so it seems like it’s a nearly impossible task to remember to keep the maintenance done on the HVAC system. I almost blew it because last month I barely remembered in time to make the appointment. If I had waited for just two more days, then our HVAC system warranty would have been completely void! I need to set some reminders for myself on my phone or something.
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