There was smoke coming from my air conditioner

About a month ago, I got myself into a dangerous situation—I had just moved into our new apartment.

It was wonderful because I was living on our own for the first time in our life.

I was just starting university and I was happy to make something out of my ongoing life… Well, this one morning I was doing our laundry and I started to smell smoke, and the fumes were intoxicating and it smelled basically like something was on fire; at first I thought the smoke came from the laundry machine, however it honestly was coming from the heating and A/C closet. There was a closet for just the heating and A/C and the thing was entirely smoking! I shut off the heating and A/C machine however that didn’t stop the smoke. I called everybody I could imagine. I called emergency 911, our parents, our sibling, our friends, and I got outside as soon as I grabbed a few things that were pressing to me. I thought that our house might burn down which would be devastating to everybody in the building. That’s why I pulled the fire alarm before I left the building. When everybody asked who pulled the alarm, I told them and I said that our Heating and A/C cabinet was also smoking. I didn’t technically see flames, however the smoke was actually bad. I pointed to the smoke coming from the window and people could see. The firefighters came and everything and they tested everything. The heating and A/C workers discovered the issue and were able to take out the outdated heating and A/C and install something new and safe.


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