The smelliest ride of my life

First dates are always scary, if you ask me.

I’m pretty nervous when I meet new people and I don’t always expect my encounters to go particularly well. I guess it’s all part of being anxious and full of self-judgement. But mental health aside, you know that meeting new people can be rough. You definitely want to make a good impression, at the very least. Little did I know, not only would my personality and appearance be important on my blind date last week, but my odor would play a very big role. It turns out, getting locked inside a car with a filthy onboard heating, cooling, and air quality control was what I needed to ruin a date and develop some brand new fears about heating and cooling systems. I guess that heating and cooling equipment became a problem for me on the day that I was headed to a first date in the middle of the day. The day had been warm already, and it was taking a turn for even more sunshine and airborne moisture. I threw on extra deodorant and I changed into a skimpy outfit to deal with the outdoor weather. Then, I jumped into my Lyft without another thought about the weather. Too bad, when I got into the vehicle I noticed that there was a big problem – the heating, cooling, and ventilation settings were dialed up HIGH… and the driver was particularly smelly. In fact, it smelled like the driver was blasting body odor into the vehicle like it was a locker room. I don’t know what to say about his smell circulating through the air vents, so I kept quiet. I was scarred permanently after my smelly ride, after my date immediately commented on my apparent “workout clothing.”
New air conditioning