The dwelling I bought definitely is a fixer upper

This dwelling was regularly going to be a fixer upper, in addition to I knew that heading in… It was in a superb location, for a really nice price, but the structure itself was a complete dump.

It wasn’t similar to buying a dwelling the way other people think of it.

It was more like buying a car at the junkyard in addition to then rebuilding it. I purchased the locale, in addition to I knew it would take a few years before I would be able to transfer into it for good. Were I a rich man, this would be a much more simple concern to handle. With enough money I could just contact a general contractor in addition to tell them what I wished to have done, in addition to then pay them. I honestly can’t do that, buying the locale wiped me out financially, so the building in addition to remodeling would have to be done by hand slowly, over time, as I could afford the materials. First I started with the roof, because I felt that a sturdy roof would be great for the future stages of renovation, remodeling, in addition to construction. It would be the only way I could keep the rest of the construction materials dry and safe from the weather while I was working. It took a couple of weeks to patch up the roof, in addition to a few more weeks to service all of the things I broke. Finally the construction of the roof was easily completed. From there on out I followed the pattern of plotting out our following construction project, watching all sorts of Youtube tutorials to learn what I needed to know, in addition to then purchasing the materials.

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