My residence has a lot of work that needs to be done

This residence was always going to be a fixer upper, and I easily knew that going in.

It was in a pretty amazing location, for a good price, but the structure itself was somewhat of a dump.

It wasn’t really like buying a residence the way other people actually think of it. It was essentially like buying a motorcar at the junkyard and then rebuilding it. I purchased the place, and I knew it would take a number of years before I would be able to transport into it for good! Were I a rich guy, this would be significantly easier to handle. With enough currency I could easily call a general company and tell them what I needed to have done, and then cover the cost for everything. I can’t even do that, buying the place wiped me out entirely with my finances. The building and remodeling would have to be worked on by hand slowly, over time, as I could afford the materials. First I started with the roof, because I felt that a hardy roof would help in the future stages of renovation, remodeling, and construction. It would be the only way I could honestly keep the rest of the construction materials dry and safe from the weather while I was doing my work. It took a couple of weeks to patch up the roof, and a few more weeks to easily fix the things I broke. Eventually the construction of the roof was totally finished. From there on out I followed the pattern of plotting out our next construction project, watching a pretty good amount of Youtube tutorials to learn precisely what I needed to know, and then getting the materials.
Construction and remodeling