Learned my lesson about driving through the desert unprepared

I honestly learned my lesson when it comes to driving in the desert without being prepared.

I did have an emergency kit in my car with some tools, emergency blanket, and some food/water rations, but that was all.

I didn’t have anything like a refrigerant refill kit to get my A/C system working. It was extremely hot when I was driving through the desert and it was aggravating when my A/C device quit working. I had to roll the windows down for a sort of makeshift cooling system, but it wasn’t very comfortable. Things were worse though when my car ended up breaking down. It was towards the end of the day and unfortunately, I had to walk to the nearest gas station. This was because my cell phone wasn’t getting a signal and I had to use their phone to get a hold of a tow truck. I was stunned when I learned the guy wouldn’t be able to make it until the morning. I had to sleep in my broken down car overnight. Surprisingly, it cooled down a great deal and actually became really chilly. I had to use the blanket from my emergency kit to keep warm. I was happy when the tow truck guy was there first thing in the morning before the sun started heating everything up. The guys at the auto repair shop were great too. They were able to get my car working great again and they got the refrigerant refilled in my car so I could use my A/C system again. If I ever drive through the desert again, I will have an A/C refrigerant refill kit and make sure my car is up to date with its maintenance.

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