I need a better system

When I was looking for a new home, no one offered me any advice.

Or, at least, any good advice.

Apparently people are super concerned with school districts and property taxes, but no one ever mentions the importance of your goddamn heating, coolign, and air quality control equipment. So, now it seems as if we’re about to hit the road and try this homeownership thing all over again… but with a better heating, cooling, and ventilations system to start with. Let me explain this disastrous indoor air situation. When we moved in, I didn’t pay any attention to the HVAC system. Which I now realize was a huge mistake. Your HVAC system matters. Feeling uncomfortable every day really hasn’t been a positive experience, and I never realized how badly heating, cooling, and air quality control impacts life satisfaction until I lived in a place where the air quality control equipment was horrible. Let me just say, since the day we moved in, I’ve never had a less trustworthy HVAC plan in my life. I never know if the AC unit and forced air furnace are going to do what I ask, and I feel I belong to my indoor air handling devices. They are always requiring more professional attention and investment to keep the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices alive. So, it looks like we’re packing up and moving in the name of better temperature control. I really didn’t want to move, but the heating and cooling units are just too old and too neglected to keep them running. The heating, cooling, and air quality repair fees that I’m facing for an HVAC overhaul are higher than the cost of moving.

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