Cleaning service is perfect solution

There is no doubt a real thrill owning your own business.

It’s even more thrilling when it really takes off.

Suddenly there is demand for what you do and you end up opening other locations. This indeed was far more success than I had in my wildest dreams. And yet, here I am. I went from running this one small shop where I wore all the hats. I was the owner, the cleaning service and just about anything else that I needed to be. Still, it was a labor of love and I enjoyed it very much. This may have something to do with how successful it became. However, as much as I loved what I was doing, I didn’t exactly prepare me for business. This is something I had to learn on the fly. I had some good help and did a lot of research as well. When I opened up more locations, I had to think as a businessman and not a shop owner. That meant interviewing commercial cleaning services for each of our new locations. Like I said, I started out being the cleaning lady and the janitorial service all rolled up into one. I took care of all the floor maintenance and even learned the floor stripping and waxing myself. It took my time but it saved me valuable money when I was first starting out. However, that equation doesn’t work when you are more than a one man cleaning crew. Once you start talking about hiring staff and opening more shops, you can’t expect hourly people to be the maid service.


Maid service