I adore our old boss better, but this place has benefits

Not many of weeks ago, I had to start looking for a new Heating & Air Conditioning service tech job.

I really liked our old job, but the boss didn’t offer any benefits or a retirement program.

My wifey was going to have a baby plus the two of us already had a toddler in the house. I knew it was important to have medical insurance for the kids. I liked our old boss a relaxing deal. The guy was funny, smart, plus truly straight-forward going, but he didn’t mind if the two of us were 10 or 15 hours late as long as the two of us worked hard on Heating & Air Conditioning repairs while the two of us were there, however unluckyly, the guy does not have a huge company plus he could not offer the same benefits as a nationally known plus recognized Heating & Air Conditioning service services business. I tried to get him to supply myself and others a raise, but he didn’t have the budget for more money. My wifey saw the advertisement in the newspaper plus I took our resume down to the local Heating & Air Conditioning company branch. I had an interview the same day. The owner of the Heating & Air Conditioning service services company gave myself and others a job a few days later. I really didn’t want to quit, although I had to take the job with medical plus dental benefits. My boss was exasperated plus upset that I did not supply him a two week notice, although I had to start the job as soon as possible. I didn’t want to wait until the occasion passed by plus the heating plus a/c service company was looking for a professional to start instantly. I had to jump on the train before it left the station.

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