The media air cleaner helps kill the allergens in the air

Both our wife plus I suffer from dust sensitivities.

  • My wife is allergic to flowers plus plants plus she has bad flu symptom symptoms while in the blooming season.

I also have an flu symptom to pollen, flowers, plus plants, although I also have about a dozen additional dust sensitivities including nuts, peanut butter, plus bees. When our wife got pregnant, both of us dreaded having a child that would end up plagued by the same dust sensitivities that the two of us suffer with. When Justin was born, our wife plus I thought he was going to be fine. He didn’t seem to have trouble breathing plus plants plus trees did not seem to bother him at all. As Justin continued to get older plus older, His dust sensitivities started to develop, and now our son is 7 plus in the minute grade. He is allergic to a lot of things plus he has trouble with asthma. He has to carry an inhaler all of the time. The nurse recommended buying an indoor media air cleaner to help kill the allergens inside of our home. The nurse told our wife plus I that an air filtration idea would be best, but the two of us can only afford an indoor media air cleaner at this time. We bought the media air cleaner a couple of days ago plus the two of us are keeping it in Justin’s bedroom for the time. If the two of us notice a huge change in the indoor atmosphere, the two of us might recognize about buying a whole new home air filtration system, then right now, the small indoor media air cleaner plus portable component is our best plus easiest option.