You get pride out of having handyman skills

The best space about being in the apartment service industry is the ability to service your own stuff! Doing something all the time love running in the sizzling sunshine can build confidence… Having confidence and building something as a habit is important! I was used to finally working on a/c systems, pipes, electrical systems and roofs.

I used tools often and was used to getting sizzling and sweaty.

I was particular I knew how to service my own and one day it actually broke. I was dumbfounded, I knew I just had it upgraded along with other appliances in my house. I had some things checked and my friend who was in another heating and air conditioning business helped myself and others double check some of my homes systems. I was confident in my abilities, after all it was my job. I started repairing the a/c system on a Tuesday when a few of my friends and one friend came to watch pigskin. It took myself and others 5 hours, and I just couldn’t figure out this last part. I was shocked, I planned it with a pen and paper and I believe I might have rushed, and my friends kept distracting me, and my attic was hot. I fixed the a/c system finally after my friend helped me, it was the next day and I gave up the night before out of frustration… Knowing how to do something is good, however be sure you follow the right steps and don’t let confidence get to your head! The best thing about having to do tasks on home systems is you can service them on your own, however occasionally you need another eye or opinion when you work!



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