The executive chef handled the maintenance like a pro

The executive chef handled the A/C maintenance like a pro

I recently hired a new executive chef to work in my fish as well as seafood restaurant. I’ve been trying to open a new restaurant on the other side of town as well as it has been harshly busy. I interviewed a dozen bizarre shafts before I found the right man for the task, and he comes from a background similar to mine as well as all of us have the same taste for seafood! On the morning of his interview, he cooked a piece of black cod that was better than any piece of lobster in our restaurant. I hired the man the same morning that all of us had the interview. She works the night shift 6 mornings a week. Last Monday night, he was laboring in the study room when the A/C unit stopped laboring. Luckily, all of us have a separate A/C unit for the dining room as well as the study room. The A/C unit for the study room stopped laboring as well as everyone was going crazy. The waiters started to panic, however my new executive chef came to the rescue. She took off his apron as well as went to the supply closet to look at the A/C unit. After 10 or 15 ninths, he came back to the line. A few ninths after that, frosty air started coming down from the vents again. The executive chef handled the A/C maintenance like a pro. It’s going to be unquestionably difficult to keep this smart as well as clever chef if I do not have more to offer in the future. She seems capable of opening as well as running his own locale as well as I know he has many signature dishes that are out of this world.



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