Sugaring and Waxing Have Ancient Roots So Let’s Pull Them Out

This is only the case for European and American women

I was doing a lot of research on sugaring and waxing for my history class at school. I was so surprised when I came across information that pointed to the fact that Cleopatra probably used sugaring to remove body hair. I thought this was something new that was brought about by the vanity of mankind. You legitimately could have knocked me over with a pen when I found out they practiced sugaring as far back as old Egyptian times. Women from Persia are thought to be the first to show that a hairless body is desirable. They would make a sugaring paste or wax that was called ‘moum’. The moum was made of sugar, water, and lemon, and used for removing hair. They rubbed on the paste in the direction of hair growth, covered the paste with cloth, and they forcefully ripped off the cloth when the wax cooled. It was considered being the easiest and most natural way to remove body hair. It was only in recent times that the old Egyptian art of hair removal has been started up again. Modern women are once again bringing back the feeling of youth and beauty by sugaring and waxing to remove hair from various parts of the body. It is the internet that spread the rumor that says shaving and waxing the legs has only been done over the last a single hundred years. This is only the case for European and American women. The rest of the world has been getting rid of body hair for centuries. Many cultures removed all hair however the eyebrows and they used the process now known as sugaring.


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