Organic SEO is the best marketing tool

God bless Google! I know this may be an unpopular opinion because they are a massive global corporation that controls all of our lives, but if I am being honest I have to say Google makes my life easier.

If I need to figure out how to do something like fix a stuck garbage disposal, I can just go to Google and type in “how do I fix my garbage disposal?” I will get a list of answers, tutorials, videos, and descriptions of how to do exactly that.

I had never thought about the structure of search results, though, and did not know what SEO was, until recently. If you have two websites selling the exact same products for the exact same prices, the one with the better SEO will come out on top 10 times out of 10. Coming out on top in Google search results, getting that coveted spot at the top of the page, is the goal of SEO and the best way to drive traffic. You want to advertise your business, then forget a Super Bowl tv ad and pumpa ll that money into SEO and digital marketing and that’s how your business grows! Millions of people make billions of search online every day, so leverage your SEO to turn up in more of those searches. I know that if I want to spend money then pay per click marketing is great, too, as you can pay to rank higher in searches. But organic SEO works for your site all day, every day, and requires no money at all.

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