My nephew’s school needs to upgrade their HVAC

How do you feel about your weekly routine? Do you love your job or dread it? Did you feel similarly about school when you were growing up? Honestly, I hated school more.

I remember that public school used to make me have upset fits every month because I hated going there.

I hated the stupid place because the environment was so dirty, poorly organized and uncomfortable. These days as an aunt, I’m disappointed to hear that things have not been improved. My nephews are unhappy with their public school, but now it’s because of the indoor air temperature more than the local culture. Their dirty public school has not upgraded their HVAC control plan in over 25 years. The old commercial boiler and cooling plan that was originally installed to take care of the indoor air started breaking down on them years ago, and nothing the heating and A/C shop could do fixed the problem. After consistently calling the professional HVAC control shop for repair services, school officials finally had to give up. The air quality control was what it was, then nothing was repairing the heating and cooling system, and although the school realizes that it needs to give a heating and cooling system, they don’t have currency in the budget, then so, they keep running the same old broken heating and cooling plan for the kids, providing horrible indoor air temperature control and filling the classrooms with irritating hums and bangs. My nephews can’t concentrate over the sound of the heating and A/C – they can’t even hear the teacher when the furnace is running. Meanwhile, we’re paying taxes for this?


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