Membership Discounts.

It seems to me that my membership discounts were a waste of my money

It seems that everywhere you go nowadays, everyone is offering membership discounts. The grocery store offers special pricing if you are a member. Restaurants offer half price meals if you are a member of their birthday club. Even yoga studios, gyms, and other exercise groups have membership discounts. I thought that purchasing a membership to the local gym would give me different privileges. I would be able to go in any time of day and get onto the machinery. I also thought I would be able to schedule a massage or a private class and know that if I was on time, the class would be on time. I was so wrong. My membership had nothing to do with any of this. The only membership discounts I received was in any supplements I purchased. I could buy juice drinks from the juice bar at a discount. I was devastated to find that there were many people who weren’t members and yet they were getting the same membership discounts. It made me wonder why I had paid for a membership at this gym when I wasn’t getting any special perks from it? I couldn’t set a time for when I was going to be there, so I could get my massage. I couldn’t get the machine I wanted when I was there. I couldn’t even be guaranteed a place in the yoga studio. I even had to pay for private lessons on the weight machines. It seems to me that my membership discounts were a waste of my money. When my membership is up, I’ll just go back to paying whenever I am able to make it to the gym.


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