How does digital marketing work?

I belong to several different meme groups. Do you know what I’m talking about? Usually you find them on social media, but there are also a lot of different forums, where people make funny memes about certain subjects. I like Simpsons memes, Letterkenny memes, X-Files memes, and basically any other show that I enjoy watching. People take screen grabs from the shows and add hilarious captions, which eat up a lot of my work day! I started talking with the webmaster of one of the meme groups, and was blown away by the fact some people make money from doing this stupid stuff! The art of SEO is monetizing traffic, so even if your website doesn’t sell things or charge people you can still make money from their clicks. In the modern day and age of digital marketing, it’s all about the clicks. Clicks equals cash, is something my old boss in the SEO company would say. I had no idea what he meant, which is probably why I got fired from the SEO company before too long. But if the Simpsons meme page guy can make bank from traffic, just by smartly using digital marketing and referrals, then anyone can do it! I guess how it works is that a pay per click marketing company gives him a small amount to host ads of his meme pages. The more people who click through those ads, and generate more pay per click venevue, the better he does at the end of the month regardless of sales. I still don’t understand how it works, though!

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