Enjoying group fitness classes

I’d been a member of the local fitness center for nearly five years before I finally tried out the group classes.

I typically spend at least an hour at the gym four days per week.

I usually stop on my way home from work on weekdays and like to go there in the mornings on the weekends. It’s a great way to decompress after a long day. I always feel happy, energized and productive after a strenuous workout. I like to hop on a treadmill and run for six miles. Sometimes I’ll spend the whole hour on one of the standup bikes. I vary between strength training with dumbbells and working out with weighted balls, resistance bands or battle ropes. I’d noticed that there are studios where the group classes are held. Sometimes there were classes in progress while I completed my workout. I always felt a little too intimidated to join in. I assumed that everyone in the class was an expert at whatever they were doing. I then saw an advertisement for a beginner’s yoga class. I figured I couldn’t handle that level and signed up. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. The instructor was really great and she recommended that I sign up for some of the other classes she offers. I’ve now signed up for kickboxing, circuit training, spin and pilates. Anytime there is a group fitness class that accommodates my schedule, I’m one of the first to sign up. The different classes help to keep my workouts fresh and advantageous.