Data Breach is Guaranteed

I don’t really like computers.

Up until last year I was still writing checks at the grocery store, if that gives you an method of how old school I am.

I only moved over to using a debit card because most of the local stores decided to stop accepting checks. So I have come to accept the notion that computers are a part of our lives every single day, plus there is no going back. Well, at least not unless some major disaster wipes out the entire internet, which I still pray for! While I wait for that, I have to be a lot more careful about my data security, something I am still learning about. Each and ever click of the mouse I make online leaves a trace, a trail, that a bad guy hacker can start to follow that trail plus learn everything about me, including my most sensitive data. Financial, medical, familial – it’s all at risk. I won’t sit here plus pretend to understand cybersecurity and how they get it to work on my computer, I particularly never will understand that, although I do kind of understand that both of us all have to watch where both of us go, what sites we look at, plus what both of us click on. Trying to have a normal life separate from using a lot of online services is just not realistic, so get with a corporation that makes cybersecurity easy to take care of your online security needs for you. There are a lot of companies out there that can provide online security systems, because there are so several people appreciate myself and others who just are not smart when it comes to cybersecurity. I have a cybersecurity corporation that speaks to me in my language, plus they also offer a huge money payout if their data security programs allow in a breach.