Allergies prevented me from having a good weekend

Whenever I get out of the challenge of winter, I suddenly feel alive again.

I often detach from my body and forget about my circumstances to survive them, and the cold season absolutely encourages this behavior.

With spring comes consciousness and, unfortunately for me, a lot of dust sensitivities. Since I’ve been easily depressed and unhappy for the past several weeks, I decided I needed a weekend away to reset my system. Before the pollen could get too bad, I planned a weekend getaway for myself in the country. I thought it would be relaxing, especially when the hotel listed an whole-house air purifier in the room I reserved. Instead, I found myself more infuriated than ever when I arrived as well as had the most uncomfortable experience thanks to the exhausting HVAC proposal in my hotel room, or, should I say, the utter lack of appropriate HVAC proposal in my hotel room. When I booked the reservation it said right on the listing that there was a mini break ductless heating and cooling proposal in the room. It even had a HEPA filter and media whole-house air purifier, which I was happy about for my dust sensitivities, usually these indoor air handling devices are easily simple to use and keep everything seriously comfortable. However, when I entered the suite, I looked around for an air vent or the mini split ductless heating and cooling proposal that I expected… and saw nothing! The room was free of any heating and A/C devices. I rang down to the front desk to ask about my indoor air handling devices and quality control, and I was shocked that the front desk lady did not care about fixing my lack of heating and A/C issue. I spent the whole weekend coughing, sneezing, and getting more depressed than ever.


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