I’m worried about my mother eating. Meals on Wheels won’t deliver to our area.

When my mother was released from the hospital, I worried about her eating. I had to work and she didn’t want anyone else in our home. She didn’t trust people, which I am sure came with her age. There was a two hour period where she was home alone and the doctor told me to contact Meals on Wheels. He told us they would not just deliver some nutrition food to her. They would give her the comfort of knowing someone was checking on her. I was calling her every hour which was making her upset. She told me she didn’t need a babysitter whether it was from long distance or sitting in the house with her. I contacted Meals on Wheels and told them about mom and how I would like to have someone go to the house. She gave me the time frame for their meal delivery and it worked out perfectly for me. She then asked mom’s name and where the meal delivery was to be made. She put me on hold for several minutes. When she got back online, she was very apologetic in her attitude. She said that we weren’t in their food delivery area. I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. How could she not do food delivery to us when I have seen their marked cars in this same area. She said that their delivery service area ended two blocks away from me. If Meals on Wheels wouldn’t help me, I wasn’t sure who would. I had to go back to her doctor and ask if he had any more ideas for me.

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