I tried to get food delivery services, but they won’t travel this far.

I want so much to get my groceries to my home.

  • I see my neighbors who live across the street, getting food delivery on a regular basis.

I thought it was because they used a different grocery store than I used. I asked Margie which grocery store she used. When she told me which one, I was shocked to hear that it was the same grocery center that I used. I wasn’t allowed food delivery service because of my location. My neighbor who was less than fifty yards from my house, was able to get food delivery service. They told me that my area was out of their delivery area. My friend invited me to her house for a cup of coffee and we were talking about how odd this was. She asked me if I wanted to get my food deliveries dropped off at her house. I didn’t mind taking a basket over to her house and picking up her groceries so I thanked her, said yes, and I appreciated her offer. The next day we put in the order for the delivery service of my groceries. They must have had some type of name recognition in their program. When we typed in my name, the delivery information automatically filled in with my address. The only way we could have my grocery delivery sent to her house, was if we used her house and a different credit card of mine. The food delivery driver was shocked when Margie stood outside the house when he arrived. She asked me to deliver them across the street because she was going away for a couple days.


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