My corporation is in a short term office space while dealers finish our new building

I’m particularly proud of our short term success with our small business.

  • I am an insurance agent and have more than two employees who labor for me.

We handle car, boat, home, life, business, and motorcycle insurance just to name a few. It’s amazing when I guess about our progress in our job industry. I started as an office assistant at a big insurance corporation that had a location near our parent’s home while I was still in private school. While I was in school, I focused on mathematics, economics, and finances. Eventually I landed a job at another insurance business, however this time they were eager to train me as an insurance agent. Now it’s several years later and I have our own business. I’m a licensed insurance agent and I have more than two employees who labor directly under me, all of which are now agents themselves. During this time, we’ve been laboring in a cramped office space in an outdated building downtown. I decided to buy our own space and renovate it after the property supervisor here refused to replace the failing Heating plus A/C system. However, while the people I was with and I wait for the dealers to finish renovations on the new office space, I have to pack our team into a short term office space a few miles north of our original location. As stressful as this situation is for us all, at least our interim office space has superb air conditioner and heat. It’s February and the people I was with and I were cold at the seasoned building with indoor temperatures getting as low as 45 degrees. It’s unbelievable that a property supervisor could expect their renters to put up with that kind of situation.

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