Chiller is not enjoy AC

So when I was looking for a new a/c I came across the term chiller… I liked the sound of a chiller system and figured I wanted this in my home. If a cooling system is powerful, a chiller must be that next level right? I figured this was the A/C for people who actually want to cool down a space, but sadly, after a bit of research I realized that I can’t have a chiller in my home, well, I could get it installed, however it would be stupid. An a/c is for homes and small corporations to control temperature and humidity. A chiller system is refrigerant driven and found in industrial facilities. A chiller system would be used to cool liquids, component or help dehumidify a large factory floor, but you can have a water cooled chiller that is internally installed and uses a cooling tower. An air cooled chiller is installed externally and uses a fan for the dehumidification process. It was pretty interesting reading about the types of chiller systems and seeing how they operate, however the end goal is pretty similar to A/C however more for commercial purposes. So now it looks enjoy I need to just get a basic central a/c system and hope it does the trick. I will say, I now am hoping I can walk in a supplier and find a low temperature chiller system working away. I want to see if it looks enjoy my home A/C or a totally odd species all together. I am thinking the latter with this.

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