We are all too spoiled these days

It’s crazy to think about how we have such advanced technology and we are all so spoiled. We have all this internet access, smart technology, and advanced HVAC systems. A lot of other countries in the world struggle with just having clean water, but we live with all these amazing things. We truly are blessed to live in a country that is so prosperous and free. I just hope we can continue to live that way. I tell you I couldn’t believe it when I first had a smart thermostat installed. It was amazing being able to adjust my temperature control settings remotely with my smartphone. It was very easy to use the smart app too. I thought it would be more complicated than what it was. You can program the smart thermostat if you wish, but you can also just let the smart thermostat learn your preferred settings while it is in learning mode. And being able to control my HVAC system with my phone is nuts. While I know we are incredibly spoiled to have all these amazing things, I still love having it all. It’s nice even being able to go places in my car which also has a really nice climate control system. I always make sure everything is in tip top shape and especially that the A/C system is working well. There used to be a time when I had issues with old cars and working cooling systems. These days, I wonder how much more spoiled can everybody get. I can’t imagine that things only keep getting better.

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