Putting a stop to the junk room situation with HVAC solution

I’m not much for wasting space.

  • Well, I’m not much for wasting really anything I suppose.

That’s one of the reasons I have a real pet peeve when it comes to junk rooms. Perhaps that’s not as universal a term as I assume. A junk room is usually like a guest room or a spare room that ends up being the dumping ground for a bunch of stuff the family never uses. I think my mom even had an old HVAC window unit in the closet of her junk room. That room was always just a wreck. It had so many things that my mom just wasn’t willing to part with but were completely useless. It drove my dad completely crazy. And I guess I picked up that gene. In our house, I started seeing my wife accumulating stuff in the guest bedroom. I made sure to have a buddy come stay with us periodically just so the room didn’t get taken over with junk. However, it continued and my wife through an argument at me that I couldn’t refute. The guest room had bad HVAC and was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. She wanted to turn it into a storage and craft area. Well, I was onboard if she wanted to make it something else but it wasn’t going to be a junk room. So I had the HVAC people come out and convert our HVAC system to a zone control system that could customize temperature. That was the end of the junk room.

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