Improving my curb appeal

I am working to make my home attractive from the outside.

I have removed so many shrubs that it is ridiculous. All the shrubs in front of the porch were giant and overtaking the lawn. I hacked them all up and planted soft looking bushes instead. Most of the trees in the front yard were ripped up and I paved a driveway. I added flowers along the edge of the house and the backyard shed. I removed all branches, raked leaves and mowed the yard to make it pretty. I have grand plans of installing a giant front yard light and a sign stating the owners of the home. I additionally want to splurge for larger house numbers to be displayed and easier for delivery drivers to find the house. Another thing I need to do is find a way to hide my heating and cooling outdoor unit. The outdoor air compressor really is killing my curb appeal. The HVAC technician who installed it put it visible from the driveway. You basically drive up to my house, notice my pretty bushes and then your eyes snag on the giant grey box that is a pimple on the side of my house. I have looked around online for attractive ways to hide HVAC. I found that a lot of people put their HVAC in like a little prison. They pick out a white fence and surround the unit. I wonder if this makes it difficult for HVAC workers to perform repairs on it though. The fence also seems to draw more attention to the unit. I don’t want that.

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