Smart Thermostat Shows Son Altering Temperature

For multiple weeks now, I’ve watched our utility bill rise slowly. It got so poor that I had to call an Heating plus A/C professional to help myself and others because I thought there was something wrong internally with our Heating plus A/C system, then when the Heating plus A/C professional came to our home, I explained the rising utility costs plus I told him about our control component USge, he agreed that I was using our control component appropriately plus that our utility costs shouldn’t have been as high as they were. He spent the afternoon looking at our Heating plus A/C system, although he couldn’t find anything that would be causing such a high utility bill. He said there were no leaks in the air duct, the air filter was clean, plus everything was where it should be. Before he left, he proposed that I try a smart control unit, because it would help myself and others run the system more efficiently plus alert myself and others to anything abnormal. I went out plus purchased a smart control component that day because I was desperate. I downloaded the corresponding app to our iphone plus tinkered with the settings, however on Wednesday, while I was at work, our smart control component told myself and others that someone had made a severe change to the temperature. The only person beach apartment was our son, plus he set the control component 8 degrees warmer! Instead of decreasing the temperature back on our iphone, I decided to wait to see what would happen, then sure enough, right before I left for work, our kid had lowered the temperature back to the original settings, then now I knew the reason for our rising utility bills.