I obtained air conditioning cleaner for our musty odoring window cooling system

I have an flu symptom to mold that I didn’t discover until I stayed at a friends condo for a few weeks various years ago.

I was having the worst allergic reactions until I decided to see a lung, flu symptom, and respiratory specialist.

They ran a few tests and took samples to see what was going on with our body’s aggressive histamine response. The specialists figured out that I was allergic to mold, tree pollen, and soybeans after questioning me extensively following our test results. I had signs of mold exposure in our body and was given medication to improve our respiratory troubles. In the years since, I have gone out of our way to avoid dealing with mold in any capacity. It’s certainly strenuous because it seems to be as ubiquitous in human living spaces as dirt or dust. Some people are great about protecting their homes and the indoor air quality from these dangerous airborne contaminants, but others either don’t care or can’t detect the mold themselves. The range of the human olfactory response is massive. If every one of us compared it to vision, two people within the “normal” olfactory range could differ as much as a blind person and 1 with 20-20 vision. I might test at “normal” for our nose’s ability to detect odors in the environment, but I pick up things that others don’t. My window cooling system starts to odor moldy if you use it for too long separate from cleaning it. I will start noticing an issue that our bestie doesn’t. I get out the air conditioning cleaning spray and she will ask me why, claiming that the window air conditioning isn’t dirty yet. She just doesn’t have the same mold sensitivity that I do.

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