Getting the right HVAC filter

Just this week I finally got the right air filter all this time.

I’ve been going about having the wrong air filter.

It really has cost me, as a result my indoor air quality hasn’t been as good as it used to be or really as it should have been. I wanted the good indoor air quality that came with having a good air filter. I had recently become more aware of the health implications that indoor air can have on your health. I know that indoor air quality can actually play quite a vital role in your health. For instance, if you have bad indoor air quality you’re going to be breathing in all those germs, dirt, and bacteria that is floating around in the air. I became more health conscious after the covid outbreak, and really I think everyone is being more cautious right now, but I was still the same person and that was someone who is cheap. I wanted the quality without spending the money so I spent my money only on the cheapest air filters I could buy. This plan obviously didn’t work out too well. I eventually decided to have my air professionally tested. The results I got back were not good. My indoor quality turned out to be very poor. I knew I had to do something about it and so as a result I decided to go with the best option I could think of. No longer would I be cheap, I decided to just bite the bullet and went to a local HVAC company. Where I picked up one of the most expensive filters I could find, it surprised me even though it promised me good results and it was a HEPA filter. I just had to go ahead and have it professionally installed by a local heating and cooling technician from the same company. I must say to this day it is still the best decision I have made and I have yet to have any indoor air quality issues since.


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