Finding Heating and A/C comfort even off the grid

It has been our near constant pursuit over the past decade to live completely independent of society. While that sort of life is challenging in a lot of ways, done right it can be awesome. Living independent from society doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of hermit. In fact, I have a truck and I go to town and our friends come see me. I just don’t have to depend on anyone however myself for our needs. But I still have comforts prefer Heating and A/C. With our solar grid, I produce all the electricity that I need. Fortunately, I live in an section where the Winter time is not too tough. I have a small wood stove that more than takes care of our heating needs. However, the Summer can be quite a different matter entirely. The first year I moved out here, I got through it with a fan. But coming in from gardening or tending to the creatures, I would long for some cool Heating and A/C air. So, I did some research and was able to find a small ductless Heating and A/C unit that would be compatible with our electric grid. This was amazing for me. Not only did I have the cooling comfort of a/c while in the heat of summer, I could run it prefer more than half the day. That wouldn’t deplete the system and our home was genuinely comfortable. Plus, I didn’t have to spend so much time beating back mold & mildew because the Heating and A/C was balancing the humidity in our little house. Now, I look forward to finishing up our chores and getting inside to appreciate the comfort of Heating and A/C even though I am off the public grid.



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