Failed water heater made me appreciate my HVAC technician more

You never know how comfortable you are until one of the essential things you assume or take for granted fails. As usual, I got into the shower for a quick bath since I had a long day ahead. I didn’t know how cold water was in my neighborhood until I needed to rinse off all the soap from my body. I remember switching on the heater, but nothing seemed to work. I had to endure the ice-cold water since there was no way I was getting all the soap off my body. While I finally managed to get through the ordeal, nothing would stop me from calling the heater repair guy. While he worked on the new heater installation a few days later, I learned that the signs were all there before my heater eventually failed. At first, I experienced varying water temperatures. Sometimes, the water pressure was too low to take a shower, but with a little urge, it would work. There was also the issue of reduced water flows and strange noises from the rain. All this time, I never thought of anything as a miss as I assumed that this was a plumbing issue and ignored it altogether. I later learned that I should have called a heating expert to save the older unit, which would have been cheaper. Even though I ended up paying much more than I should have, negligence cost a lot. Moving forward, I will keep an eye on all heating and cooling units in my house since they always give warning signs before crushing.


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