The temperature must be 65 degrees for myself and others to sleep.

My hubby plus youngsters love to go camping plus sleep in tents or the fantastic outdoors, but i like the swimming, canoeing plus grilling hot cats over an open fire, although I just cannot sleep that way.

It’s not sleeping on the ground that bothers me, it’s the heat plus humidity, and for myself and others to sleep comfortably, I have to be in my dining room with dry air plus the temperature set at 65 degrees, then whether the two of us set the window a/c or the space heater, my dining room temperature is always set to 65 degrees at night; Not while the two of us were in the afternoon, though.

I don’t care if the dining room is 68 degrees while the two of us were in the afternoon, as long as it is 65 degrees when I am sleeping. I sleep in overheated pajamas under a thick blanket to keep warm, because 65 degrees is chilly, although I just breathe better plus sleep better in a colder room, but my hubby doesn’t complain. I guess he just got used to it. Now, I wonder what I will do when the two of us finally get central heat plus air conditioning? It’s not fair to freeze out the whole beach house every night. I guess the two of us can invest in those zone controlled possibilities I’ve heard of; Or maybe the two of us will get those ductless mini-split air conditioning plus heating systems I’ve been hearing about, those are zone controlled. Maybe I will leave the window a/c in the window or just use a fan in my room. I genuinely don’t care as long as it still feels love 65 degrees, so I can sleep.


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