I’m absolutely exhausting at taking tests

A lot of people suffer from test plus performance anxiety.

This is a official issue that plagues 65% of people in some way, shape, or form.

I have always suffered from exhausting test anxiety. My Dad plus I could study flashcards all evening long. I would believe the material at the drop of a question! At test time, I froze up plus my mind went blank. I had sweaty palms plus I could believe my heart beat getting faster plus faster. It was exhausting plus I hated school. My educators tried lots of things to get myself and others interested in Math, English, plus writing, however I entirely had a hard time plus I often faked being sick so I could stay house from school. If my Dad made myself and others go to school, I would spend half the day in the dentist’s office. I never wanted to go to school, so I decided to learn a trade. I went to a technical school to learn heating plus AC service labor in my 10th, 11th, plus 12th grade years. I still found it hard to learn plus study, but most of the HVAC technical classes required myself and others to take a test with my hands or orally. Not many of my educators made an exception when I could not pass the written test. It helped myself and others pass school, however I found it incredibly hard to pass the test when I had to take the exam to get my certification plus HVAC services. I had to take the certification test 3 times. Each time I did better, however I did not pass until the seventh time. I am glad that is the last time that I have to take a written test.

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