Excuse me, but did you hear that noise?

My fiance had wanted to have a anniversary get together for her mother, and it was going to be at our house.

I had nothing against having a anniversary get together.

I had always liked her mom, even though I wasn’t sure if we had room for a lot of people. My fiance assured me we would have plenty of room if we held it in the garage. This time of year, the weather was unpredictable. At any time, it could snow or even rain. I had Heating & Air Conditioning in the garage, but it hadn’t been used in so long, I didn’t think if it worked. My fiance was so happy to throw a surprise anniversary get together she couldn’t wait to beginning inviting guests. In the meantime, I was going to need to call the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier and have them do a thorough inspection of the Heating & Air Conditioning system. My mother-in-law’s anniversary was less than several weeks away. I went right inside and made the phone call. I told our fiance that if she heard the phone ring, to make sure she answered it. I left a message to have an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman supply me a call. I headed back out to the garage so I could beginning getting it cleaned and decluttered. I was near the window when I heard an odd noise. I asked our fiance if she had heard it. The phone was beeping that I had a message. The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman had our address, and she was on the way. Once she inspects the Heating & Air Conditioning system, we would think for sure if we were having a get together.

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