The electric furnace barbequed Tommy, the squirrel

I remember seeing so many squirrels in our compound growing up, my mum enjoyed plants plus our home was love a small indoor forest, and therefore, squirrels would confuse the outside from the inside plus would occasionally come into the house.

My sibling plus I enjoyed playing with the squirrels! Even though all of us enjoyed the tiny pets, they made a mess of our home plus the cleaners were not too ecstatic about it.

They used to bring in dust plus soil from the outside plus dad had said that they might attract snakes. The people I was with and I had started smelling some unusual smell plus could not pinpoint the origin, one Wednesday day, all of us heard a loud noise plus the electric furnace shut down. The heating unit was smoking so all of us decided to switch off all the units; When the rep took care of the unit, she discovered that some rodents including squirrels plus rats had crawled up the vents plus built homes thus the smell. The air conditioner filter was filthy, to say the least… A squirrel had crawled into the gas oil furnace, caught in the wires, it was electrocuted causing the oil furnace to blow up plus stop working, Because of the issues with the menace of the rodents, my parents decided to install a radiant furnace that was bought from the heating company downtown. The boiler repair which was part of the quality A/C service was executed plus the weather conditions control tool took care of! During the cooling install, the serviceman realized that the vents of the indoor air cleaning system had to be cleaned as they were filled with rodent droppings. The people I was with and I were surely glad to have workers who knew much more about HVAC as the work was completed within 3hrs.

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