The furnace is so loud I can’t hear my grandma

I have been visiting my grandma every week at her house since the virus scares began last spring.

She really misses people and so I have really been doing the best I can to get over there and see her whenever I can.

During the summer, everything was fine and we would just sit out on the front porch and visit for as long as we wanted. There were no issues back then, but then the weather started cooling down and that’s when things started to be annoying. See, with the colder temperatures coming, my grandma started to need to stay in the house. She’s on all kinds of blood thinner medications and those make her feel like she’s cold all the time, even when the temperature of her house is set really high. I always would check her thermostat whenever I went in to visit before all of the virus scares and half the time, her thermostat would be set at 79 degrees, even in the middle of the spring or summer. That’s way too hot for me, but it’s how she likes it, I guess. Anyway, now that the weather is cooling off and my grandma stays inside, we try to talk through the glass door on her side porch. This is usually fine except for when her furnace starts running. That’s because the exterior unit of her heating system is located right by the side porch where I sit when I visit. That heating unit is the loudest thing I have ever heard! Whenever it’s running, I can’t hear a thing that my grandma says.
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