t was essential to get a fence for our property

When my fiance plus I retired plus moved south, we decided to buy a little place that was in desperate need of renovations.

The living room plus bathrooms were especially outdated.

The windows needed to be upgraded, plus there was a ton of scrubbing plus painting to do… One of my main priorities was installing a fence around our property. The two of us have an Airedale puppy who prefers to be outside. She has a large amount of energy plus needs to run, dig holes plus play fetch, but keeping her on a leash is basically impossible. The two of us wanted to be able to let her outside into the backyard plus make sure she would be incredibly safe plus secure. This required a fence she could not dig under, squeeze through or jump over. The two of us realized we needed a professional fencing company to handle the task properly. Then I searched online for fencing companies in the nearby space plus took a hard look at buyer reviews. I chose a company that handles all the required permits plus warranties their work. The guy showed up the next afternoon to look over our property. I explained the actual features we needed plus he recommended an eight-foot tall wooden privacy fence. He easily supplied an estimate, plus we right away arranged an appointment for replacement of the fence the following week. They brought in a team of boys plus the fence was up in no time. They created no mess plus handled the task quite swiftly plus professionally. Having a fence has added a superb deal of value to our current property. The two of us simply waterproof the fence each year in the late Spring. It has been a number of years now plus the fence still looks like it is new.


Aluminum Privacy Fence