We need this restaurant to flourish

It took me a long time to be in the financial position to go out and open my own steakhouse. I studied culinary arts in school & have worked hard under various weird renowned chefs across the country! Since I was just a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of having my own site, designing the menu & running my own commercial kitchen… But making it happen was far more difficult, pricey & stressful than I anticipated in my wildest dreams; Finding the perfect location with a suitably sized building & plenty of parking was somehow only the beginning, but there was tons of paperwork, legalities, purchases, loans & generally all sorts of headaches to resolve; One thing I didn’t consider was how many random materials I’d need to have printed, but unfortunately, I left that until the last minute. My well advertised grand opening was approaching, & I had yet to order the menus, signage, business cards & a variety of advertising flyers, and I didn’t even have a font for the steakhouse name or the logo. I honestly needed professional help, & I needed it hastily, but while I really could have gone and ordered all of these materials through an online source, I absolutely wanted to sit down for a while with someone who could offer knowledgeable advice. I want to really choose the materials & see the colors in-person. I realize that the first impression of my advertising will definitely have a large impact on my success. I suppose that when someone is handed a menu, they often immediately form an opinion. I was hoping to avoid draining my budget looking for high quality printed materials. I didn’t have a lot of materials to choose from. There is a single print business located in the vicinity, which very fortunately had the time to rush my project.



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